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BlkButterfli Designz Nourish & Glow Body Butter Trio

BlkButterfli Designz Nourish & Glow Body Butter Trio


Indulge your skin in the ultimate luxury with our "Nourish & Glow Body Butter Trio." Each set contains three exquisite 8oz jars of our handcrafted organic body butters, elegantly presented in reusable glass mason jars with metal lids. We're not only dedicated to enhancing your skin but also to protecting our environment. By repurposing these glass jars, you're not just pampering yourself; you're contributing to an eco-friendly lifestyle.


Aloe Vera Cooling Body Butter

Healing Honey Body Butter

Honey suckle, Lavendar & Vanilla Body Butter


  • Benefits

    Aloe Vera Cooling Body Butter

    • melts on contact
    • dry skin
    • eczema
    • psoriasis
    • rosacea
    • dry patches
    • sunburn
    • capping
    • soothing
    • moisturizing
    • repairing
    • face cream
    • creating a barrier (diaper rash)
    • Hair care
    • moisturize
    • condition
    • soothe irritated scalp problems
    • loosening up dandruff

    Healing Honey

    • crack feet smoother
    • rough patches often used on dry, prone- to dryness body parts,elbows,knees,and heels. it can be applied to the entire body for pampering the skin
    • discoloration
    • dryness
    • sunburns
    • gently remove makeup
    • lip moisturizer
    • massaging butter
    • eczema(soothe itching)
    • fades stretch marks
    • deeply hydrates
    • relief from itching and flakiness
    • anti-aging
    • fine lines
    • can assist to improve skin tone and texture
    • shielding from environmental stressors
    • wind
    • cold weather
    • pollution