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If you can't handle strong scents or just have really sensitive skin, this gentle body butter is for you ! 

our organic Aloe Vera body butter can be used as a daily moisturizer it's light creamy texture is hydrating for the skin and hair, melts on contact and is wonderful for treating eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, sunburn, covid related skin issues, it's acne-fighting, makes a great barrier for diaper rash, it's known to help prevent razor bumps, dark spots, and stretch marks, it's a wonderful alternative for shaving cream.


USE: For best results apply to clean damp skin to lock in moisturizer

CAUTION: Discontinue if allergy or irritation occurs


Organic Aloe Vera Cooling Body Butter

SKU: 0002

    ▪︎Leaves skin intensively hydrated and

    radiant after one application

    ▪︎All - in- one skin moisturizer


    ▪︎Suitable for all ages & skin types

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