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About Us

Hello my name is Lolita founder of Blkbutterfli Designz established in 2018, family- owned and family-operated.

Blkbutterfli Designz provides handcrafted organic wellness products available nationwide for women, men, & childrenOur mission is to relieve dry skin and retain moisture while leaving you feeling soft, comforted, & nourished. Our products can be applied from hair to toe safe for all skin types. formulated to soothe inflammation, acne, psoriasis, eczema,dry skin while moisturizing your hair, providing sun protection, anti-agining properties and much more.


Because everyone's skin tells a story Blkbutterfli Designz would like to make a positive impact in all of our customers' stories! 


Our Story

My youngest offspring blessed me with two grandchildren who develop eczema. After a traumatizing outbreak of dry patches, flaky itchy skin, redness, swollen and irritated skin that covered their arms, legs, feet, and hands. l managed to clear up their skin through diet and by replacing everything i used in their daily skincare routine with organic products such as golden jojoba oil and kokum butter just to name a few. I spent hours researching natural ingredients with antibacterial properties to help heal their skin. Soon after I formulated an all natural, vegan , chemical free, no preservatives, alcohol free lightweight Aloe Vera body butter. This daily regimen along with a healthy diet has maintained my grandsons healthy, radiant glowing skin. 


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